Laguna Maxi Wave Sonderlösung Fenster

Laguna® Maxi Wave - Adapts to any space

For a tailor-made glass shower in the corner of a room with a window that should be outside the shower, the Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave is the ideal solution. It can even be installed so that the window can still be opened, because the shower is easy to fold away.

After the Roth customer service team has taken the measurements, we will plan the shower area to suit your individual requirements and prepare a tile plan. If there is enough space, a pentagonal shower tray of up to 1000 × 1000 mm is also suitable. The tried-and-tested pivot/folding door functionality proves its adaptability in many different bathrooms – as it does in the corner of a room with a window. The shower area becomes additional space with the Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave, which also features the impressive double vertical adjustment facility in the door hinge and wall attachment strip. The angled position of the door part on the wall side on the wall with the window means that you can even have a windowsill.



Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave - predestinated for individual solutions