Roth ThermoAura® – energy efficiency and quiet operation, an unbeatable combination

 Roth ThermoAura® air/water heat pumps in three power classes

The latest generation of Roth ThermoAura® air/water heat pumps is available in three power classes: 5, 7 and 9 kW. They are extremely energy-efficient and quiet when in operation – making them truly state-of-the-art. The equipment in the new Roth ThermoAura® range is made up of two components: a heat pump installed outside and a hydraulic module fitted inside. The optimum component dimensions allow great scope for individual creativity in interior design. The ThermoAura® heat pumps can be wall-mounted or installed on the ground and they are ideally suited to new builds on small plots. The new heat pumps are also perfect for renovation projects, because they work with high inlet temperatures and can be integrated into existing systems with ease.

The hydraulic module – an outstanding component in the overall system

The hydraulic module contains the controller, circulation pump, expansion tank, safety module and electric heating element.

It is therefore easy to implement bivalent operation with the existing heat sources. The control system is web-enabled – so the system can be operated from anywhere.

Preparing heating and domestic hot water with Roth ThermoAura®

Whether for new builds or renovation projects, the Roth ThermoAura® air/water heat pump is ideally suited to creating energy-efficient, environmentally friendly system configurations for modern buildings. When combined with the Roth Thermotank Quadroline heat storage tank, the Roth solar systems and the Roth floor heating and cooling systems, you get a perfectly compatible and complete system.

ThermoAura® cascade
Roth offers a special hydraulic module for operating two ThermoAura® heat pumps in a cascade formation. This module contains two circulator pumps and only one heat pump controller. This way, both heat pumps can be operated with only one rather than two hydraulic modules as the controller runs both devices. This reduces installation work and increases the ease of operation.

At a glance
  • Works flexibly with other equipment: lots of system design options with solar, oil, wood, ventilation, etc.
  • Connection and control technology prefabricated ex works
  • Photovoltaic-enabled
  • Smart-grid-enabled for integration in an intelligent power network
  • Natural R290 refrigerant