Roth Limaya® - individual solutions with swing and sliding door options

Outstanding value for money
The Roth Limaya® glass shower offers individual solutions for every kind of bathroom, depending on the room and
the customer’s requirements. The range includes a variety of showers with swing or sliding doors for niche, corner and quartercircle solutions. Roth also offers accessible shower screens with sliding doors.

The high-quality metal bow handle and gleaming aluminium profiles form a tasteful frame for the panes. The 1950-mm-high glass showers are made of 5-mm-thick single-pane safety glass – with optional ETC (Easy To Clean) coating. They can be fitted onto a shower tray or tiled floor. 25-millimetre adjustment range on wall connecting section to compensate for any unevenness, for peace of mind during installation. The stop offers flexibility and can be installed on the left or on the right-hand side of the wall. The rise and fall mechanism on the swing doors means the doors are easy to operate. The high degree of pre-fabrication ex-works of the Roth Limaya® glass shower guarantees quick and easy installation.


At a glance
  • modular system for a wide range of door entry types
  • swing doors open inwards and outwards by means of a rise and fall mechanism
  • sliding doors can be folded away inwards for easier cleaning
  • wall attachment strip with 25-mm adjustment range
  • standard door height of 1950 mm
  • 5-mm single-pane safety glass with optional ETC (Easy To Clean) coating
  • high-quality aluminium profiles and metal bow handles
  • installation on shower trays and tiled floors