Roth GV manifold cabinets

Roth GV manifold cabinets, universal or for recessed mounting 550 x 700, 800 x 700 and 1150 x 700 mm.

The Roth GV manifold cabinets are waterproof underfloor heating cabinets that can be used with Roth distribution pipes for underfloor heating, both with and without shunt.

Roth ShuntUnits can of course also be installed in these cabinets. Underfloor heating and tap water installations can both be housed in the same cabinet.

  • Roth GV manifold cabinet, universal is universal and can be used as freestanding or recessed into a wall
  • Roth GV manifold cabinet for recessed mounting is designed for recessed installation in a wall.

The mountings in the cabinet are multi-adjustable, making the installation of all types of manifold easy and flexible.
The cabinets come with Roth pipe bushings which can be used forall types of pipes (smooth and conduit pipes) with dimensions from 10 to 34 mm. The nipples are easily adjusted using pliers and are lubricated inside at the factory to facilitate easy pipe assembly.

If using the nipples with conduit pipes, a fixation nipple must be used for 20 - 28 mm or 25 - 34 mm conduit pipe. The cabinets are made with an integrated guard to protect the electrical parts of the underfloor heating control system against water splashes when filling, venting, etc.

The guard will direct the water from a leak to the watertight bottom and out into the overflow. The guard can be removed during manifold installation.

Door and frame are packed separately so they are protected if to be fitted later in the construction process. A plastic bag is supplied which can be fitted over the cabinet as protection during the construction period.

The watertight cabinets fulfil the requirements of DS469 (7) and together with MultiPex® piping are approved according to NT VVS 129 and they fulfil the requirements of DS439 and BR10.