Roth North Europe - specialists in underfloor heating and domestic water systems

Roth has been producing floor heating systems and piping systems for drinking water and heating for more than 40 years, and we invest a lot of resources to ensure that we always have the best products that meet the high demands and standards of the market. The systems are primarily manufactured in Germany and guarantee you German thoroughness and quality.

We offer the best high-quality system solutions for every task, and we are ready to provide you with the best support and service along the way. We specialize in underfloor heating and domestic water systems as well as storage tanks and have a wide and complete product range. Our industry experts all have a plumbing technical background, many years of experience from the industry and a great insight into all legal requirements so they know what they are talking about.

We offer:

Roth floor heating systems
System solutions for all areas of application

In addition to user comfort and freedom of architectural design, the decisive criteria in the selection of a radiant heating system are energy savings, hygiene and environmental protection. An optimal room temperature profile with precisely adjustable dosing makes the performance capability of Roth radiant heating systems readily perceptible – day in, day out.
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Roth pipe installation systems
Ease of installation and safety combined in one system

The Roth range of pipe installation products with PressCheck® function offers system solutions for sizes up to 63 mm. The Roth pipe installation range ensures secure, non-detachable, form and force fitting connections in drinking water and heating installations. The innovative system components provide enhanced ease of installation and safety.
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Roth storage and transport tanks
Range of tanks for industry, trade and agriculture

The safety and protection during storage of water-polluting liquids as well as the transport of dangerous goods require special care. A care which is guaranteed by its own type, type approval verifications and transportation licences. Roth offers the appropriate solution. Products include the Unitech tank, the Multitech tank and the Service-Box.
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Roth rainwater storage tanks
Rainwater and mini-wastewater treatment plans

One of life's essentials, water is a valuable commodity which is becoming ever scarcer. Roth storage systems for rainwater and wastewater support an energy-efficient and cost-conscious approach to using water.
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Roth QuickCalc
Quick and easy calculation of a Roth underfloor heating system

With Roth QuickCalc you will be able to quickly and easily create and quote a floor heating system for your customer or project. By using Roth QuickCalc, you get a material list of the underfloor heating components you need and a price based on Roth's recommended gross prices excl. VAT. You will be automatically sent your project as a PDF as well as an Excel file at the end of the calculation, or you can hand over your project to Roth UK, and our technical department will be advised directly and look at the task as soon as possible. It does not get any easier.
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With Roth you get:

  • German quality
  • System Solutions
  • Free support
  • Maximum comfort for the user
  • Environmental friendliness and good economy: Underfloor heating systems can utilize several different heat sources
  • Solutions for all types of construction - both new building and renovation
  • Intelligent control system with central monitoring / control
  • Easy access to the products through a large wholesale network
  • Close contact with local Roth consultants throughout the country

How can we help you?
Do you have questions about our products or our company? We are ready to help and you are very welcome to contact us at or +44 (0) 1905 453424.

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Aproved to international standards

All our products have been tested and approved according to the most stringent requirements and regulations that apply to our markets, and therefore our products are always at the forefront of developments in leak-proof installations.