Roth Project wireless underfloor heating control system

Roth Project wireless underfloor heating control system is the latest addition to our price competitive offer for larger projects.

Roth Project wireless underfloor heating control system is used for individual control and regulation of the room temperature in buildings with underfloor heating systems where a simple but well-functioning system is needed.

The system consists of Roth Project wireless room thermostats and the 8 channel Roth Project controller with wireless
connection to room thermostats in the individual rooms.

The Roth Project controller features:

  • Direct wall mounting or using DIN rail
  • Easy pairing of the thermostats through easy-to read-display in 5 languages (English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish)
  • Simple overview of installed thermostats showing associated current and desired temperatures
  • Easy read signal strength for each thermostat ensuring quick and correct positioning
  • Easy detection of battery level
  • Visible alarm in case of lost connection to the room thermostats
  • Easy connection to pump through 230V output
  • Voltage free output for controlling the boiler


The Roth Project sensors are available in 2 variants:

Roth Project room thermostat
- with a small display and touch buttons for easy temperature setting

  • Smooth and easy-to-clean design
  • Possibility of temporary overriding of the entered comfort temperature for a selected number of hours after which the temperature returns to the previous setting
  • Possibility of locking the buttons from accidental operation
  • Easy detection of battery level

Roth project floor temperature sensor

- monitoring min./max. floor temperature

  • White easy-to-clean sensor without buttons and display set-up through the control panel of the controller
  • To be used as protection against overtemperature on a wooden floor or to secure a comfort floor temperature, e. g in the bathroom


For extended wireless signal range and clarity an extension is available for the antenna. A plug-in repeater for 20 thermostats is also available.

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