Roth RTL valve – energy efficient UFH solution for renovation of smaller rooms

Energy efficient and low cost UFH solution
When renovating single rooms, such as bathrooms, utility rooms, conservatories, annexes, waterborne underfloor heating is often opted out as it can be both a complicated and expensive solution. Using Roth RTL valves as flow and temperature control on underfloor heating circuits is far more energy efficient and a much cheaper alternative to electric underfloor heating solutions.

In addition to that a Roth RTL valve solution is less expensive than a traditional single room waterborne installation with shunt, room temperature control system, etc.
The Roth RTL valve is mounted on the return of the underfloor heating circuit, where it measures the medium temperature and regulates the flow to the set temperature between 10°C and 50°C.

Alternative to control according to the medium temperature are Roth RTL valves regulating according to room temperature. Roth offers two solutions; one with the thermostat mounted with or without capillary sensor on the Roth RTL valve housing, hence no power is required. Or a wired or wireless room thermostat. The solution can be mounted on an already existing radiator/heating system.
An easy, fast and economical solution for both you as an installer and your customers.

One supplier for the entire UFH solution
Roth develops, manufactures and markets complete underfloor heating systems of high and uniform quality. When using a complete Roth under floor heating solution in combination with the Roth RTL valve, you can be sure that everything fits together while the solution is tested and approved as a single system. It
provides you a faster work process and high-quality assurance.

In the design of the RTL thought has also been given to the manufacturers responsibility to develop energy efficient products supporting carbon reduction targets. The innovation for the RTL comes in the form of reusable packaging that when installed becomes the insulation cover for the product. In terms of the end users green policy it will provide the opportunity to cover both energy efficiency and waste disposal reduction solutions.

Technical Support - our experience is your safety

Roth skilled professionals provide sparring and counselling all the way through a project - both with the practical tasks and the regulatory challenges you may encounter in your everyday life.
We supply drawings, bill of materials and proposals for dimensioning and installation, calculations and energy analyses in the following areas:

  • Roth underfloor heating systems
  • Roth Roth Alu-LaserPlus® for DHW, cooling and heating installations

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