Floor heating systems

Complete Roth underfloor heating solutions
The future of UK heating and cooling systems is underfloor combined with low temperature air and ground source units. Roth has developed and manufactured reliable and innovative under floor heating and cooling systems for more than 30 years. Today we already offer complete solutions for all types of projects from minor refurbishments to major new builds. When you choose a complete Roth underfloor heating system, you purchase high quality and technical excellence. You will receive best in class service from bespoke design to delivery. We provide solutions for all types of construction and flooring designs, from conventional screed to dry systems covering joisted floors, low construction height, rapid response times and low energy consumption.

The result for consultants, developers, installers and end-users are Roth systems that are easy and flexible to work with and give the consumer plenty of comfort and guaranteed energy-efficient heating. Today the Roth systems are not just installed in domestic housing the benefits of underfloor are being experienced in many sectors such as healthcare, schools, retail, sports and leisure's, exhibitions halls, conference centres. offices, poultry farms and warehousing.