One family – three series

We always have the right underfloor heating control system for your tasks

Roth Touchline® SL
The Roth Touchline® SL wireless system is suitable for individual temperature control in all types of construction with underfloor heating.

Roth Touchline® SL is an intelligent system for regulating underfloor heating and floor cooling. The system can also be used for radiators and is controlled via the wireless Roth Touchline® SL Radiator actuator. The system includes a wide range of accessories e. g. the Roth Touchline® SL Window contact, which ensures that the heat is turned off automatically when opening the window.

Roth Touchline® SL can be controlled via the Roth Touchline® SL app if the system is extended with the Roth Softline WiFi internet module.

  • Fast registration and easy operation
  • Wide range
  • Complete solution – for underfloor heating / cooling and radiators
  • Solutions for all types of buildings, large and small, renovation and new construction
  • Via the Roth Touchline® SL app: Wireless control, monitoring, and alarm messages
  • Compatible with voice assistant Alexa and Google Home


Roth Touchline® BL
The Roth Touchline® BL is a wired system used for individual control and adjustment of the room temperature with underfloor heating systems. At just 16 mm, the thermostats are some of the thinnest on the market.

The system consists of a 6 or 12-channel control unit wired to the thermostats. These are available in a standard version, or a version with a floor sensor (multi-thermostat).

Depending on the function and features, the Roth Touchline® BL series includes five types of thermostats.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Enduser comfort
  • Long life of the pump, valves and thermal motors
  • Choose from 24V or 230V

Roth Touchline® PL
The Roth Touchline® PL wireless underfloor heating control system is used for individual control and regulation of the room temperature in buildings with underfloor heating systems where a simple but well-functioning system is needed.

The system consists of wireless room thermostats, wireless floor sensors, 2 or 8-channel controller, and actuators 24V or 230V.

  • Easy pairing of the thermostats
  • Overview of installed thermostats incl. temperature reading
  • Easy reading of signal strength for each thermostat