Roth ServiceXtra: complete solutions with a service package

With “Roth ServiceXtra”, Roth is offering its specialist trade partners a comprehensive service package. It includes the planning, advisory and after-sales services.

The needs of sanitary, heating and air-conditioning specialists take centre stage.
The planning process for the individual construction project includes determining the heating load, designing the heat pump and the heat storage tank, planning the radiant heating and cooling system and drawing up an installation plan, hydraulic diagram and energy label. Comprehensive after-sales services, warranties and guarantees are also included in the package. In addition, all components of the overall system are finely tuned to each other, working together perfectly and ensuring maximum energy efficiency. The specialist company can also use the documents prepared by Roth for applications to be submitted, for example to BAFA (Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control) and as documentation for its customers. Pre-assembled manifold stations simplify the installation and save precious time as they are delivered to the site ready for connection. An installation service for Roth radiant heating and cooling systems completes the service package.