System solutions for passage rooms - optimum controllability of room temperature thanks to ideal surface temperature control

Continuous supply lines for heating circuits in other rooms are embedded in the screed starting from the heating circuit distributor and cannot be controlled by the room thermostat of the room being passed through. If the room thermostat can still be controlled in accordance with the EnEV despite the heat dissipation and the permissible surface temperatures are not exceeded, no further measures are required. For all other conditions, Roth offers four solution variants which are taken into account in the project planning of the underfloor heating system in accordance with the design variant requested by the customer.

With Roth Floorfix a system package is available for this application.



At a glance
    • optimally tempered passageways
    • simple assembly
    • variable system solutions
    • thermal insulation secured
    • available with impact sound insulation
Technical details

Rooms in which heating circuit manifolds for underfloor heating systems are installed, or rooms through which a large number of supply lines for heating circuits in other rooms pass, must be protected from overheating by uncontrolled heat dissipation from the supply lines. The controllability of the room temperature according to EnEV 2014 § 14 paragraph 2 must also be ensured.