FlatConnect apartment station - compact decentralised heat dissipation in apartment buildings

Comfort and convenience at the highest level
The Roth FlatConnect apartment station controls the heat output for room heating and domestic hot water heating in the individual apartments of an apartment building - in new buildings and modernisation projects. It combines the advantages of central heat generation with the advantages of decentralised drinking water preparation. The current range of Roth FlatConnect apartment stations includes two output levels with tap rates of 15 and 20 litres per minute for hot drinking water. They are suitable for apartments with up to 100 square metres of living space and a heating requirement of up to 8 kilowatts.

The practical modular system
The FlatConnect concept is based on a modular construction method and thus ensures maximum flexibility when planning apartment buildings with individually equipped apartments. The project-specific pre-assembly of the Roth FlatConnect including distribution cabinet with heating circuit distributor and ball valve strip is part of Roth's service. The Roth apartment stations can also be subsequently adapted to new requirements in simple assembly steps.


At a glance
  • high water hygiene
  • low heat losses due to two-pipe system
  • individual temperature setting
  • low-maintenance operation
  • high-performance heat exchanger with increased corrosion resistance and self-cleaning effect
  • extensive sound and heat insulation
  • consumption-based billing (optional)*
  • compact design
  • reduced installation effort

* by on-site heat meter/water meter

Technical details

By dispensing with water storage and the usually low pipe capacity of less than three litres between the drinking water heater and the tap, these installations are classified as small installations in accordance with DVGW Worksheet W 551. With this supply concept, the annual obligation to investigate Legionella can be dispensed with in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance.