Roth thermal decouplers - thermal insulation and pipe routing create ideal conditions

Heat transfer to mixing valves - no thanks
Within the Roth drinking water system, the Roth thermal decoupler represents another important component for compliance with the normative requirements and hygienic harmlessness. The Roth thermal decoupler prevents the heat transfer from the warm drinking water to the tap and the subsequent heat conduction to the cold drinking water. Thermal separation is important for surface-mounted tap fittings in drinking water installations with integration of the hot water connection (PWH) into the circulation system. The Roth thermal decoupler meets the requirements of DIN 1988-200. It stipulates that the maximum temperature of the cold drinking water must not exceed 25 °C.

At a glance

    • flexible component concept
    • easy to assemble
    • safe thermal decoupling
    • hygienically harmless
    • combined heat and sound insulation boxes
    • thermal insulation according to current standards