Roth 750 l DWT plus 3 - expert for modernisations

The incredible small DWT plus 3 750 l is new in the range. Especially for the renovation of low basements the DWT plus 3 is ideal. Compared to its “siblings” the DWT saves approximately a quarter of the container height. Because of its small design the DWT plus 3 takes small doors and narrow spaces easily. Because of its dimension the new DWT plus 3 750 l is especially suitable for renovations.

Roth DWT plus 3 – an ideal tank for renovations and new constructions

  • Its slim design coupled with low height offer optimal placement.
  • With its double-walled design, there is no need for separating walls (saves space).
  • The combination of modern design and metallic look make the original Roth DWT plus 3 a real eye-catcher. This means the storage room can look attractive and can be used for other purposes.