Roth AuraModul FR E

With their various output categories and supply temperatures of up to 60 °C, the Roth Aura air/water heat pumps are perfect for use in new buildings and to spruce up single to multi-family houses. The integrated scroll compressor that is used and the CFC-free working circuit means the pumps in the Aura range achieve the best output values. They can be used at outside temperatures down to -20 °C without any problem. On the few extremely cold days, it may also make sense to switch on an auxiliary heat generator at the same time as the air/water heat pump. The immersion heater (9 kW) integrated across the range takes over the auxiliary heating function in monoenergetic operation. An existing heating boiler, for example, can be used for bivalent operation.

Roth AuraModul FR E – output-controlled for heating and cooling
The Roth AuraModul FR E is available in the 8 and 12 kW output categories. FR stands for frequency-controlled and reversible. The new Roth AuraModul FR E is made up of two components: a heat pump installed outside and a hydraulic module fitted inside. By setting up the pump outside the building, you will have more freedom to add your personal touch to a piece of energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology. The innovative airflow makes for a particularly quiet operation – the perfect solution, even in sound-critical situations. It also allows for positioning close to a wall.
At a glance

    • optimum performance figures
    • low energy consumption
    • compact design
    • extremely quiet in operation
    • easy to transport
    • simple installation