Roth ClimaComfort® Compact system - minimum installation set-up with maximum reaction speed

Heating and cooling for renovation projects and new buildings

The Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System is a heating and cooling system which is particularly well suited to renovation projects. The extremely low, flat installation set-up and the high system reaction speed resulting from it open up new perspectives for planning and installation. The building owner receives additional comfort.

With this additional innovation, and as the inventor of the Original Tacker® System, Roth offers solutions for all applications from a single source.

Basic building blocks of the Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System:

  • Roth ClimaComfort® S5 system pipe (material composition and processing method as for the tried-and-tested X-PERT S5®+ CoEx-technology),
  • Roth ClimaComfort® Compact system panel (transparent, vacuum-formed synthetic panel).

The 14 mm high ClimaComfort Compact system panel is made of a partially crystalline material. The new material and the unique panel structure are responsible for the great stability and toughness that go hand-in-hand with its flexibility. This ensures a high degree of resistance to crushing, even though it is easy to shape. The system panel can be cut to fit easily and precisely, without cracks forming. The self-adhesive system panel is mounted on the existing subsurface. The special panel structure with undercutting makes reliable installation of the system pipe possible in spiralling or meandering form in a 75 mm grid. Diagonal placement at intervals of 105 mm is possible.

For installation on the floor, the installation set-up made of system panels and system pipe is filled with a quick-setting filling and potting compound with high performance capacity. It is easy to introduce this completely through the filling and ventilation openings. System panel, system pipe and subsurface together make up a solid, load-bearing composite. The transparency of the system panel means that you can check the compound has been filled to the maximum level. This is a decisive factor in ensuring the safety of the entire floor structure. The installation height of the ClimaComfort Compact System amounts to only 17 mm.


At a glance
  • Minimum installation height of just 17 mm
  • Rapid reaction when heating and cooling (ideal with Roth heat pumps Ex)
  • ClimaComfort® S5 11 mm system pipe in tried-and-tested X-PERT S5®+ quality
  • ClimaComfort Compact system panel offers great stability combined with flexibility for easy handling
  • Safety monitoring for backfilling by means of transparency of the system panel
  • Installation on existing screeds (ideal for renovating kitchens and bathrooms, for example)
  • Low heating water temperatures lead to energy savings
  • Rapid, simple and universal assembly, even in unusually shaped rooms that present difficult challenges
  • Compatible module in the Roth radiant heating and cooling systems product line