Roth ClimaComfort® Panel system - allround comfort

Experience all-round comfort in existing and new buildings
The new Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System transforms floors, walls and ceilings into highly efficient, fast-response surfaces that distribute energy in order to heat and cool rooms. Roth has developed one type of panel that can be used for all applications. Storage and installation require minimum effort and offer maximum convenience. Unlike conventional wall-mounted radiators, the Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System provides an even amount of radiant heat from all sides, resulting in a pleasant room temperature with no circulation of air. Practically the entire surface area of a room's walls, floor and ceilings can be used for heating/cooling purposes. For example, in winter a room can be heated via the floor and/or walls, whilst in summer it can be cooled via the ceiling and/or walls. The ClimaComfort Panel System can be retrofitted as part of minor refurbishment work and at long last is enabling people to experience that wonderful feeling of "allround comfort".                

Low energy consumption and an ideal combination with Roth heat pumps
The special energy-saving operation of the system when heating up to a temperature of 35 °C is ideal for the combination with Roth heat pumps as energy generator. Materials, process- and product technology haven been chosen in a way that the energy demand (heating/cooling) is extremely reduced and that the integration of renewable heat generators is also possible in existing buildings. Together with intelligent regulation an enormous energy-saving potential is possible. With Roth heat pumps Roth has a holistic energy concept for the modernisation and new buildings. The system offers great ecological and economical advantages.

Unrestricted installation of pipes and lining of surfaces – the perfect fit for every application
The ClimaComfort panel's design makes for optimum pipe installation. The ClimaCor® S5 system pipe is simply snapped on to floors, walls or ceilings. If the direction taken by the pipe has to change, Roth offers an end piece that is inserted into the system panel: this makes wall and ceiling installations much easier to manage, since the components are retained in the correct positions. The dry construction method keeps assembly times short (no drying phases) and the perfectly coordinated system components ensure that the ClimaComfort Panel System responds extremely quickly. Perforations on the ClimaComfort panel help the user to size the panel exactly for lining the room in question, even in the case of slanted room surfaces. The panel dimensions correspond to the dry construction standard size (625 x 1200 mm); the panels can be cut to meet the requirements of any room, irrespective of its size. The system meets the structural requirements associated with renovation projects in existing buildings and can be retrofitted as part of ad hoc minor refurbishment work.

"Room by room renovation"
The ClimaComfort panels can be easily mounted on conventional timberframed structures for installations in walls or on ceilings. On external walls, the structure can then be easily backfilled with suitable insulating material. Unlike external insulation, this renovation method enables the process to be performed gradually, room by room. The ClimaComfort panel consists of an EPS support plate, which is permanently bonded to an aluminium heat-conducting plate. The panel ensures that heating or cooling energy is transferred evenly and quickly. Roth has designed the system for use with the Roth X-PERT S5® pipe in dimensions of 14 mm and 16 mm. The ClimaComfort Panel System will increase the value of a property. It is a particularly interesting proposition as far as owner-occupied flats are concerned, because it enables a person living in a block of flats to independently design a customised system of heating and cooling for his or her personal space. The system will also improve a property's rental prospects (thanks to the associated energy performance certificate). Roth also offers the ClimaComfort Panel System in the 16 mm version for floor installation, together with the Roth Alu-Laserflex system pipe.

Roth ClimaComfort® Panelsystem – flooring can be installed directly
Together with the Roth ClimaComfort® Panelsystem and innovative bonding materials it is possible to line floor installations directly with tiles or parket. Undergrounds have to be clean, straight and sustainable. Ceramic tiles or nature stone tiles have to have a minimum breaking load of 1500 N for areas of application up to 2 kN/m² and 2000 N for the use up to 5kN/m². With special adhesives it is possible to install the ceramic tiles and the nature stone tiles directly on the Roth ClimaComfort® Panelsystem. Alternatively the ceramic surfaces can be mounted with special mortar after epoxy resin foundation. Also a parket can be installed directly on Roth ClimaComfort® Panelsystem. The wood coverings have to be approved by the producer for the use with floor heating.

At a glance

    • Heating and cooling via floor, walls and ceiling for existing and new buildings, with just one type of panel
    • "All-round comfort"
    • Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and fast-response surface temperature control
    • The level of comfort offered by the system when used in wall applications has been confirmed by Prof. Gerd Hauser of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. It's THE solution for external walls.
    • When external wall surfaces are lined, the outside temperature is completely isolated from what is going on inside the building, thus lowering energy requirements
    • Fast-response system with optimum temperature control via a heat-conducting plate
    • Short assembly times thanks to dry construction method
    • Low mass per unit area
    • Assembly benefits: system pipes snap in easily and elements for redirecting pipes lock into system panels
    • Unrestricted installation of pipes and lining of surfaces – the perfect fit for every application!