ClimaComfort TBS sport and sprung floor heating

Roth ClimaComfort® TBS for sport floor construction
Apart from the classic sprung floor heating Roth also offers heating and cooling solutions for all the other sport floor construction systems. Elastic sport floors with an elastic layer are realized with the Roth ClimaComfort® dry installation system TBS or the Roth ClimaComfort® panel system. Also mixed elastic sport surfaces of the design A and B according to DIN 18032-2 can be installed conform to norm and practice-orientated with the Roth system solutions for floor heating and cooling.

At a glance
  • Flexibility in object-specific constructions and insulation layers
  • Integration of the Roth system solutions is possible in all sport and sprung floor constructions
  • Optimal comfort and ideal surface temperature
  • Pipe fixing system with support units made of prefabricated high-quality plastic with integrated pipe holders and optional elements for the installation in sprung floors
  • Roth ClimaComfort® TBS solution for sport floors in sandwich construction
  • Fast realization of big tempering areas
  • Assembly-friendly and easy to maintain
  • Highly stressable, solid Roth system pipes in proven S5 CoEx-technology
  • Energy efficient system solution for the tempering of sport and multi-purpose halls