Roth ClimaComfort® Dry construction system - low installation height and flexible installation

Universal components for flexible solutions
As a leading manufacturer of radiant heating and cooling systems, Roth has developed a new dry construction system that is ideally suited to the installation requirements
involved in renovation work. The new Roth ClimaComfort® dry construction system features a low installation height of just 43 millimetres including covering. The
structure of the insulation panel permits flexibility in the choice of direction of installation – it can even be laid diagonally.

One size fits all
For easy installation, only one type of system panel is used. This ensures that installation is straightforward, secure and quick and allows for flexibility in its
application. The Roth ClimaComfort® TBS System Panels can be combined in all directions on the 30 cm grid and can be cut to size depending upon the geometry of the room. Thanks to a special groove/notch system, precise positioning and alignment of the system panels is guaranteed. This prevents the panels from slipping on the subsurface. The panel structure permits the heatconducting lamellas to be affixed simply and securely in various directions. The Roth Alu-Laserflex 14 millimetre system pipes can thus be laid horizontally, vertically and diagonally. This makes the system particularly suitable for renovation projects and permits a wide range of architectural design freedom, even if the room in question poses difficulties.

Heat-conducting plates made of high-performance aluminium for optimum heat output
To improve heat output, the leading manufacturer of radiant heating and cooling systems has developed heat-conducting plates made from high-performance
aluminium. The material guarantees particularly good heat transfer. The heatconducting lamellas have predetermined breaking points so that they can be separated into the desired lengths. The smallest possible installation spacing for the Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipe is 15 centimetres.

Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipe – diffusion-proof and dimensionally stable
The five-layer Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipe is precisely matched to the complete system and is flexible to install with minimal waste. It can be bent with the bending
spring and remains dimensionally stable after being bent within its bending radius and during operation. The integrated aluminium layer serves as an oxygen barrier.
The Alu-Laserflex System Pipe is pressure and temperature-resistant with minimum linear expansion and therefore reduces impact sound. The DIN CERTCO approval
and regular monitoring of the manufacturing process as well as the properties of the pipe guarantee quality and safety for installers and users.

Lightweight with a low installation height – the ideal combination
The Roth ClimaComfort® dry construction system with its low installation height and lightweight design is suitable for numerous applications in renovation and new-build projects. It can be installed on existing flat flooring that has a sufficient load-bearing capacity or on a timber beam construction. The perfectly matched components guarantee an ideal complete system from Roth.

At a glance
  • 25 mm high Roth ClimaComfort® TBS System Panel – ideal for renovation
  • simple, time-saving and flexible installation
  • low weight per unit of area
  • heat-conducting lamellas made from high-performance aluminium for optimum heat output
  • panels interlock by means of a groove/notch system
  • heat-conducting lamellas are held securely on the ClimaComfort TBS System Panel
  • heat-conducting lamellas with predetermined breaking points so
  • that they can be separated into the desired lengths
  • simple and flexible pipe installation with an installation spacing of 15 cm
  • direction of installation either horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  • suited to both wet and dry construction
  • decades of manufacturing expertise