Roth DWT plus 3 - the proven composite solution

The plus 3 extra safe double-wall tank enhances the comfort of your home
Steel-meltpress-process ensures that the DWT plus 3 is tightly sealed. A probe is installed to detect any leaks in the cavity between the double walls. The DWT plus 3 features full double-wall design, metal encapsulation and a leak indicator. The PE inner tank and the completely sealed steel outer tank are permanently attached at the tank connections to prevent leaks. The TÜV test agency has verified the quality of the DWT which is made using the steel-meltpress-process.                

The unique quality features of the DWT plus 3 give you complete peace of mind and enhance the comfort of your home:

  • Fire protection
    The Roth DWT successfully completed 90-minute fire testing at the Material Test Agency in Dortmund. The tank provides protection three times as long compared to tanks that are made completely of plastic. 
  • Light and diffusion barrier
    Only steel has the material properties which can guarantee an absolute light and diffusion barrier, which makes it ideal for storing standard heating oil and oil containing biogenic compounds. 
  • Flood protection
    The rugged Roth DWT plus 3 with its stable, fully sealed steel outer tank is safe to use in areas that are prone to flooding. Based on 30 years of experience with this type of tank, Roth has added a 15 years warranty package to the list of quality features on the plus 3.
* Only in conjunction with the Roth anchoring system for DWT 620/750/1000 l against uplift.