Roth Energy- and Sanitary Systems

Complete system from a single source

With the motto "living full of energy", Roth links the products from energy generation, energy storage and energy application with the Roth energy cycle to form a complete system for modern building technology. Roth Energy- and Sanitary Systems thus not only aim to protect the environment, but also to contribute to increasing energy efficiency through intelligent interlinking.


Roth Energy and Sanitary system

Solar systems
Heat pump systems

Storage systems for
Domestic and heating water
Combustibles and biofuels
Rainwater and waste water

Radiant heating and cooling systems
Apartment stations

Pipe installation systems

Shower systems



  •     Comprehensive, qualified field service for quick advice on technical and commercial questions on site,
  •     Hotline and project planning service,
  •     Permanent implementation of factory training courses, planning and product seminars,
  •     10-year spare parts guarantee and after-sales guarantee after discontinuation of the product range,
  •     Fast availability of all product ranges under the Roth brand throughout Europe.
  •     This service is underpinned by our membership in the craftsmen's brand.


Guarantee and warranty

Quality for the safety of our customers. We are committed to this claim - from product creation through production and storage to delivery. High-quality products and services are the basis for worldwide insurance cover, which also includes consequential losses in the event of damage. A subsequent liability agreement guarantees the insurance cover even after a possible cessation of production. Details are set out in a guarantee certificate. This confirms for each Roth surface heating and cooling system a sum insured of up to EUR 5 million for personal injury and property damage per claim for a period of up to ten years from commissioning.

Customer satisfaction

Building owners expect reliability and preservation of the value of the property. Roth's systems offer customers the security of always opting for the "best in class" in surface heating and cooling. This creates lasting well-being through pleasant energy distribution and increases the intrinsic value of the property.