Roth complete shower Exklusiv – usable everywhere

Whenever a quick and easy installation of a shower is necessary, with our Roth complete shower Exklusiv you are always exactly right. Roth complete showers even provide high showering comfort if a fixed installation is not required or possible. For example in tent stations, accommodation and sanitary containers, holiday homes, gyms and sports rooms, offices, student apartments, temporary solutions (bath renovation), hobby rooms or even in the bathroom. 

The Exklusiv complete shower comes in various sizes, either with a curtain orin the following acrylic glass versions: 1-piece swing door, 2-piece folding door, 3-piece sliding door and 4-piece corner access. It is equipped with a matching mixer tap, handheld shower head and soap dish, and optionally ahot water boiler and/or pump is built into the bottom part of the shower.        

Technical details

Bottom part
> Aluminium frame with steel enamel shower tray (white) and emovable covering (silver-grey)

Top part
> Quick assembly system

Door type:
> Upper closure frame
> Silver aluminium profiles and Linea acrylic glass motif
> Plastic back and side walls preassembled with hinged profiles

Curtain type:
> White curtain
> Closure frame
> Plastic profiles
> Plastic back and side walls preassembled for plug-in installation
> Also available with transparent side pieces

The top part can be shortened.

> Wall bar with handheld shower head and shower hose (chrome)
> Integrated soap dish
> Single lever mixer tap (chrome)

Exklusiv additional equipment
> High-performance hot water boiler (low pressure 230 V/2 kW)
> Temperature and safety controls with frost protection
> Pump (40 W), with/without automatic mode (230 V)
> Flexible connection hoses (3/8”) 500 mm or 1250 mm
> Wall connection cover