Roth Flipfix Tacker system - on the insulation, get set, go!

For new applications – just unfold it and you're done
For new applications in radiant heating and cooling systems, Roth provides the new Flipfix Tacker system. It is suitable for use where insulation made of conventional EPS and PU materials, as well as mineral
insulation materials, is installed on site. The system solution for radiant heating and cooling is the new Roth Flipfix panel, Roth Original Tacker® Ex Clips and Roth System Pipes. The easy-to-install system is fitted using the tried-and-tested Roth Original Tacker® laying technique.

Installation made easy – by Roth
The new, two millimetre thick Roth Flipfix panel is available in prefabricated fivemetre strips. It is folded down to a square metre in a practical zig-zag pattern, giving compact packaging unit dimensions that are advantageous for transport and storage. On the construction site the Flipfix panels are simply unfolded and are quickly laid without producing any waste. The zig-zag fold also ensures that the individual plates can be effectively aligned in relation to one another. The butt joints are connected using adhesive tape – this quickly produces a closed insulating layer. The elements can be cut using a commercially available cutter or scissors. Markings are provided in a five- and ten-centimetre grid for variable installation. A separate film layer to serve as a cover for the insulation layer is unnecessary, as is protection against floating.   

At a glance

  • for existing insulation made of EPS or PU materials or mineral wool
  • easy to assemble, time-saving and simple to install due to prefabricated 5 m2 components with a concertina principle
  • aligning the panels in relation to one another is made easy by the zig-zag fold
  • connecting the butt joints with adhesive is simple and only needs to be done on the long sides
  • no film layer is needed to serve as a cover for the insulation layer
  • no protection against floating is required
  • Roth Ex Clip with a defined penetration depth and optimum energy efficiency

Technical details
  • 2 mm hollow-chamber component made from polypropylene
  • building material class B2 (normal flammability)
  • 5 x 1 m (5 m2)
  • folds 1 m apart (concertina principle)
  • colour: black with white print
  • installation grid 10 x 10 cm (dots) and 5 x 5 cm (crosses)