Roth Underfloor Heating - System solutions for all areas of application

Whether it be for residential building, office and business construction, industrial and sports halls or open spaces – what was an exception to the rule yesterday has now become usual: usage-optimised heating systems that continually keep pace with individual equirements. It is therefore hardly surprising that planners and building owners are coming more and more to choose radiant heating systems when it comes to selecting modern and advanced system solutions. The many innovations introduced by Roth over the years have made a significant contribution to this development. In addition to user comfort and freedom of architectural design, the decisive criteria in the selection of a radiant heating system are energy savings, hygiene and environmental protection. An optimal room temperature profile with precisely adjustable dosing makes the performance capability of Roth radiant heating systems readily perceptible – day in, day out.

Energy-saving systems
As a matter of fact, their march of temperature characteristics corresponds almost precisely to ideal heating. Experts know: the larger the heat-radiating surface, the more effective and economical the room heating will be. In comparison with conventional radiators, the ideal room temperature with a radiant heating system is 1 ºC to 2 ºC lower. The energy saving of 6 to 12% that result from this speaks for itself, as do the lower system and flow-temperatures, and the best prerequisites for combinations with alternative energy systems are part of the package. Additional plus points are also to be found from the point of view of hygiene: the dryness of the heat deprives bacteria and mites of the moisture they need for survival, for example, making it unnecessary to clean the heating surfaces.

Furthermore, Roth quick-regulating floor heating systems have a reaction time as low as 18 minutes. It saves energy and provides optimal comfort, because you quickly reach the desired floor temperature. Therefore, our quick-regulating floor heating is also a perfect choice for low-energy houses, where fast reaction time is especially important.

Renovation with low building height
If you are in the process of a renovation project, you have the opportunity to put our quick-regulating systems with low building height on top of an existing floor. The advantage of this is that it can save you and your customers both time and money. Roth underfloor heating systems are available down to 14 mm building height.

Intelligent underfloor heating control

All Roth systems can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet using Roth Touchline room thermostats. The result for you and/or your customers is high comfort, flexibility and an energy-efficient system.

Floor heating systems

Roth Original Tacker® System
The Roth Original Tacker® System is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and easy assembly, even for unusual floor plans. The heat is emitted evenly across the whole floor structure, thus creating an optimum room temperature. Because of the low system temperatures, alternative energy systems can be ideally combined with the Roth Original Tacker® System a well as conventional heat generation systems.
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Roth Knob System
The Roth Knob System is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and straightforward assembly. The undercut and ideal shape of the knobs enables Roth DUOPEX S5® and Roth X-PERT S5®+ system pipes in sizes of 14 to 17 mm to be attached to Roth knob panels (which also come in sizes of 14 to 17 mm). The pipes can be laid either orthogonally or – with the aid of an additional film – diagonally. Roth fixing strips mean that leftover pieces can easily be reused, enabling you to create environmentally-friendly installations with very little waste.
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Roth ClimaComfort® system
Minimum installation set-up with maximum reaction speed. The Roth ClimaComfort® system is a heating system which is particularly well suited to renovation projects. The extremely low, flat installation set-up and the high system reaction speed resulting from it open up new perspectives for planning and installation. The building owner receives additional comfort.
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Roth Compact® system
Experience all-round comfort in existing and new buildings. The new Roth Compact® system transforms floors, walls and ceilings into highly efficient, fast-response surfaces that distribute energy in order to heat rooms. Roth has developed one type of panel that can be used for all applications. The Roth Compact® system can be retrofitted as part of minor refurbishment work and at long last is enabling people to experience that wonderful feeling of "allround comfort".
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System pipes

Roth DUOPEX S5®, Roth X-PERT S5®+ and Roth ClimaComfort S5 - perfect solutions for any demand
Roth DUOPEX S5® and Roth X-PERT S5®+ system pipes and Roth ClimaComfort S5 - the right solution for any application. The Selection of the right pipe system depends on the specific building project and the needs of the customer. Roth supplies three solid-plastic heating pipes which offer outstanding quality.
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Roth industry areas

Roth Large-scale applications - flexible, resilient and efficient
For buildings with special loading requirements and construction designs Roth offers special large-scale applications for the panel heating. For example the Roth pipe fixing systems for industrial and open areas are the right choice. Apart from the pipe fixing system also the dry construction system Roth ClimaComfort® TBS will be applicable for sport and sprung floors. To use the benefits of the storage power of massive concrete pavements and wall panels Roth offers the concrete core tempering Roth Isocore®.
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Control systems
Roth EnergyLogic Touchline
With the Roth EnergyLogic Touchline/wireless control system the temperature in every room is exactly recorded and the heat requirement determined. The data is collected in the control distributor and continuously analysed to control the heating circles or actuators in the best way. Each room will be receiving the right energy volume at the right time.
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Roth EnergyLogic Basicline
Depending on the function and features, the Roth Basicline series includes five types of thermostat. Roth offers the Roth Basicline H room thermostat for controlling the temperature of radiant heating systems and the Roth Basicline H/C 230 V for fully automatic temperature control in heating mode. Where public buildings are concerned, the Roth Basicline H, i with internal concealed temperature settings is a suitable option.
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With Roth you get:

  • German quality
  • System solutions
  • Free support throughout the process
  • Maximum comfort for the user
  • Environmentally friendly and economical; the floor heating system can utilize several different heat sources
  • Systems suitable for all types of buildings
  • Intelligent control system with central monitoring / control

Do you want to know more
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