Roth Floorfix - Systemlösung für Durchgangsräume

Roth Floorfix - Optimum controllability of room temperature through intelligent temperature distribution

Easy to install system solution with the Floorfix system package

The Floorfix system package consists of stable Duo System composite panels coated on both sides. The system package also includes the transparent Floorfix folding panels, through which the cables laid underneath are clearly visible. In this way, the pipes of the heating circuits can be easily fixed in the proven manner using the Roth Original Tacker® system without damaging the pipes underneath. The Floorfix folding panel is made of transparent polypropylene (PP).

Impact sound insulation properties unaffected

The specified impact sound improvement of the Roth Duo System composite panels is not adversely affected by the cuts for embedding the pipes. This has been tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute Stuttgart.



Roth Floorfix - Wärmebild  

Controlled heat through Roth Floorfix

The use of Roth Floorfix minimises the unwanted and uncontrollable heat emission of the supply lines passing through. The passage room can be equipped with a comfortable individual room control by a separate heating circuit.





At a glance
  • easy fitting
  • variable system solution
  • impact sound insulation confirmed
  • no additional installation height