Roth Füllstar® - securely mounted in no time at all

Füllstar®-system for
Roth DWT plus 3 750/1000/1500 l*
Roth KWT 750-C/1000-C/1000-R/1500-R l*
Roth CT 750/1000 /1600/2200 l
Roth BT 1500/2000 l

Even in times of technical advances, we can still put our hands to good use. Our hands are a reliable tool that we can depend on. For this tool, we have developed a new filling system for our Roth heating oil tanks: the Roth Füllstar®. Other than hands, no additional tools are required for the installation of the low number of parts. The Füllstar line is quick to put together and can be securely tightened with the screw caps pre-mounted in the factory. The high-quality plastic material (PE-HD) guarantees dependable, lasting safety. Precision injection nozzles ensure even filling of the tanks. The assembly times of the Roth heating oil tanks that are already short anyway are considerably reduced again by the Roth Füllstar®. 

Filling system for heating oil with biogenic components of less than or equal to 15 percent.
Roth DWT plus 3 750/1000/1500 l*
Roth KWT 750-C/1000-C/1000-R/1500-R *

For the (series) block and angular configuration of the Roth DWT plus 3 750 and 1000 as well as KWT 750-C and 1000-C l, the control system with a nozzle diameter of 6 mm and the quick-filling system (with 12 mm nozzle) have been modified for series configuration of the DWT plus 3 750/1000/1500 and KWT 750-C/1000-C/1000-R/1500-R l to enable heating oils with biogenic components to be used as well.
High-quality materials guarantee reliability and long service life in combination with the most common biogenic fuels of the future.
* Removal system is supplied non-communicative as a single-line system.