Roth EnergyLogic Touchline - energetic and hydraulic optimised regulation of the latest generation for the perfect comfort of the home

With the Roth EnergyLogic Touchline/wireless control system the temperature in every room is exactly recorded and the heat requirement determined. The data is collected in the control distributor and continuously analysed to control the heating circles or actuators in the best way. Each room will be receiving the right energy volume at the right time. An overheating is prevented and the temperature in the rooms will be controled fast and efficiently. By this up to 20 percent heating costs can be saved. Based on professional dimensioning of the heating circles a hydraulic alignment with the Roth wireless control is not necessary in virtually any application scenario. The Roth EnergyLogic Touchline controls heating and cooling comfortably and efficiently.        

The future starts today
The room control unit is part of a complete system which allows an easy to configurate communication between the control units and the master control system. The communication between the control units eg in multi-level single family homes or apartment houses can take place via radio or bus. With a PC/Laptop a direct connection to the Roth wireless control system can be produced via the integrated LAN-interface. Thus it is possible to read out the system values and to change the set values. Furhter it is easy and comfortable to start-up the system parameters via PC especially in bigger housing estates. In the future the LAN-interface of the control allows a connection with the internet or a WLAN network and also a smartphone communication is prepared. An integrated SD-memory card with Bootloader software enables an easy future system extension without an exchange of the control unit.

In the year 2012 the Roth EnergyLogic Touchline was honoured with the Plus X Award.

Roth EnergyLogic Touchline is easy to install. Click to view how the system is installed in your property.


At a glance
    • Energy savings – extremely precise and intelligent control system, saving up to 20 percent in heating costs
    • Time saving – no hydraulic alignment is required in virutally any application scenario thanks to the Roth Radio control system
    • Comfort and convenience – easy operation (easy to use, comfortable control)
    • Staying up-to-date – always kept up-to-date, thanks to update-possibility opportunity via the SD-card inside the control unit
    • Effectiveness – latest-generation control system with optimal use of energy and hydraulics - for perfect comfort at home
    • Extra visual appeal – fresh, new design with innovative innovative sensor buttons
    • Cutting-edge comfort - additional infrared surface temperature measurement helps generate a comfortable, well-balanced room temperature and protects the floor coverings
    • Advances in installation – radio link eliminates the need for laborious cabling
    • Operational and environmental benefits – because of the option of a 230 V power connection a more durable power supply is guaranteed – no need of batteries