Roth glass showers - a clear case

Nowadays, an attractive appearance is just as important as the functional aspects when fitting a new bathroom. The Roth ranges of glass showers, Alina®, Gala® P, Laguna®, Limaya®, Cariba® and Laguna® Maxi Wave, elegantly combine form and function. They add a touch of high-class to your bathroom. Depending on the room layout and the specified design, the wide range of options offers solutions for all needs.

Create your ideal bathroom with Roth glass showers ...

 ... how about a completely transparent with Alina® glass shower?
... or an elegant frame with the Cariba®, Gala® P, Limaya®, Laguna® and Laguna® Maxi Wave glass shower?

Glass shower Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave for a barrier-free bathroom
... a feel-good-shower for your individual needs

Wide door openings and impressive workmanship are some of the outstanding features of the Roth Laguna Maxi Wave. The shower is flush with the floor. The doors fold right back and there is plenty of room inside, making it very easy to get into the shower. People of any age will enjoy the user-friendly design and elegant styling of the Laguna® Maxi Wave.