Roth Large-scale applications - flexible, resilient and efficient

Roth large-scale applications – high-performance system for heating and cooling
For buildings with special loading requirements and construction designs Roth offers special large-scale applications for the panel heating. For example the Roth pipe fixing systems for industrial and open areas are the right choice. Apart from the pipe fixing system also the dry construction system Roth ClimaComfort® TBS will be applicable for sport and sprung floors. To use the benefits of the storage power of massive concrete pavements and wall panels Roth offers the concrete core tempering Isocore®.        

Roth pipe fixing systems - coping with all impacts
Demanding structural and static requirements, such as those associated with industrial and open spaces, as well as with sport and sprung floors, call for Roth radiant heating and cooling systems based on the Roth pipe fixing system. The system offers flexibility in the pipe installation with dimensions from 11 to 25 mm in relation to the required installion designs and distances. Furthermore it is suitable for heating and cooling over floors and ceilings. Thanks to its flexibility, the Roth pipe fixing system makes installation easy, no matter what the building specific conditions of the onsite floor, wall or roof structures actually are. The Roth pipe fixing system is always used when object-specifical and individual pipe installation requirements in the floor heating and cooling are requested. Apart from the housing the system can be used in industrial buildings, premises and offices, exhibition, museums, universities, schools, churches, sport and multipurpose hall, open areas, soil heating and in stadium constructions.