Roth heating and cooling systems - cosiness the whole year through

The basic concept behind the system
When designing an energy system for technical building installations, the fundamental aim must be to ensure that a comfortable temperature can be achieved within the building's rooms. The heating and cooling system developed by Roth offers appropriate solutions for seasonal and user-specific requirements. During colder seasons, low-temperature radiant heating achieves room temperatures which are warm and comfortable, whilst the Roth system pipes integrated into the floor structure generate a pleasant cooling effect in the summertime.        

Heating in winter
A pleasant, almost ideal room temperature profile for the user arises as the result of the large-surface, evenlydistributed dispersion of heat. With its system-dependent low heating water temperatures, this system is all but predestined for use in combinations with environmentally friendly and energy-saving heat generators, with low temperature and calorific value technology and with alternative energy sources.

Cooling in summer
Uniform room cooling without unpleasant draughts is achieved via radiant cooling by means of the Roth system pipes integrated into the floor structure. From the point of view of control engineering, the Roth heating and cooling system is designed in such a way that, when cooling, both drops in floor surface temperature to below 19 °C (deemed the critical level in terms of comfort, according to DIN 1946), and vertical temperature shifts between two relevant measuring points (0,1 to 1,1 m) of two degrees Kelvin can be sensibly avoided. A dew point monitoring is integrated in order to effectively prevent condensation caused by weather-related, elevated room humidity. Cooling water can be generated by means of system pipes placed in the ground, chiller units or surface water, etc.