Heating circuit manifolds - excellence all round

Roth heating circuit manifolds keep you cosy and comfortable
The heating circuit manifold distributes heat evenly and maintains room temperatures at a constant level, thus keeping the building's inhabitants cosy and comfortable. Used in conjunction with the room thermostat, the manifold ensures that flow volumes can be precisely controlled.

The flow distributor and return flow collector, made from brass circular profiles, can be connected from the left or right via the 1" flat-sealing external thread. There is no misalignment at the ends of the pipes, so no compensating pieces are required and there are fewer seal contact areas.The flow and return pipes are staggered, which makes assembly easier. The heating circuits are connected with a 3/4" Euro cone. The manifold is premounted on insulated consoles.        

The valve cores are suitable for Roth actuators, making the heating circuit manifold an integral part of the system solutions offered by Roth. The heating circuit manifold is available with between 2 and 12 connections and with or without a flow volume indicator. It can be used for all Roth system pipes in sizes of 11 to 20 mm.