Roth heating oil tanks - experience and competence for your safety

Oil heating is still an economical and environmentally-friendly heating technology and, above all, it is unsurpassed in safety and inexpensive. Economical, space-saving and unproblematic storage of the fuel is also one aspect of the complete heating system. Roth heating oil tanks are designed for this purpose.

Roth heating oil tanks – unbeatable quality products
Roth heating oil tanks – a safe solution for all situations: in detached houses or multiple dwelling units, in apartment blocks or business premises, in new buildings, extensions or renovations.

At a glance
  • The tanks are made of high-quality polyethylene plastic (PE-HD) that has been proven by decades of use and is warranted a long service life. The tanks have fully galvanized sheetsteel and high-grade polymer sealing on the inside and outside.
  • This ensures protection against diffusion: DWT plus 3: Emission-proof metal encapsulation – steel guarantees absolute protection against diffusion. Plastic tanks (single-walled or doublewalled): CoEx-PA blend® process – TÜV-tested diffusion protection through state-of-the-art PE upgrading.
  • The opaque metal encapsulation in the DWT guarantees better stability for the storage of heating oil with biogenic components.
  • Installation-friendly accessories save time during installation.
  • Due to their special construction and compact design according to the latest safety standards, all Roth heating oil tanks offer optimum solidity and intrinsic stability even without retaining bandage.
  • Special production techniques with precision control of the wall thickness, inspection of the construction type and authorization by independent institutions together with TÜV-monitored production and perfect quality control ensure the constantly highest level of product quality and maximum operational safety as a result.
  • The Roth programme of heating oil tanks with product-related size variations provides the right tank for every requirement. These tanks are approved for the storage of up to 5000 litres of heating oil in rooms with fire places. Quantities of heating oil exceeding these amounts must be stored in special heating oil storage rooms.
  • With the Roth heating oil tanks, up to 10000 litres of heating oil can be stored in block configurations.
  • All Roth heating oil tanks are issued with the comprehensive ”system guarantee” for storage tanks including coverage for consequential damage.