Roth Heliostar 252 S4 and 218 S4 - Hightech with innovative polycarbonate case

Optimal heat storage, stability and lightness

Made of a closed polycarbonate case construction, the Roth Heliostar® S4 unites high-tech material and mature technology. Polycarbonate is a perfect insulator. Due to this feature the thick walled polycarbonate case of the Roth Heliostar® S4 assures optimal heat storage. In combination with the high performance absorber the Roth Heliostar® S4 guarantees highest efficiency for decades.

The material is characterised by its special durability, impact strength and temperature resistance and is perfectly suitable for outside sage due to its UV-resistant construction. The variety of usage of polycarbonates shows outstanding material characteristics. Amongst others you can find applications in the aircraft construction and the automotive industry.

Due to the high-tech material the Roth Heliostar® S4 offers long time stability with minimal weight. The polycarbonate case has additional advantages: First of all the production only needs low energy input which is more environmentfriendly than the production of conventional constructions (aluminium). Second of all the case is permanently corrosion resistant even with high air pollution and aggressive maritime climate. The collector case is deep-drawn in one piece and therefore enduringly tight.
The unique form of the deep-drawn polycarbonate case offers decisive installation and security advantages to the installer.


At a glance

  • Polycarbonate case construction
    extremely resilient polycarbonate case (high impact, temperature, wind  and ultraviolet resistance). Pan tiles can’t be scratched, minimisation of risk of injury during installation as no sharp edges
  • 37 kg- respectively 32 kg-Lightweight despite its size
  • Highest power output
    highly selective, coated full-plate absorber, Optimum heat storage by polycarbonate case,
  • Plug-in connection technology
    easy installation, optimum flow through collectors resulting in lower pressure losses,
  • Quick-fit system
    for the fast line-up of collectors without tools,
  • Universal attachment for each application
    flexible usage for on-roof, in-roof, free installation and installation on facades, vertical and horizontal,
  • Permanently resistant to corrosion
    by using polycarbonate – this high tech material is also used in the aircraft construction and the automotive industry,
  • 100 % leak tightness
    due to thick walled polycarbonate case in one piece and double sealing of glass panels,
  • Safe and clean
    low-iron, plane solar safety glass, fulfils hail resistance class 1,
  • „Made in Germany“
    most modern high-quality production in the Roth Werke,
  • 10-year Roth system guarantee