Roth Isocore® - forward-looking system technology

Exploiting the storage potential of concrete with Roth concrete core temperature control
Roth Isocore® concrete core temperature control enables a building's temperature to be heated through the integration of the water bearing pipe system in solid concrete ceilings and wall modules, making use of their capacity for storing energy. Roth Isocore® is ideally suited for use in the construction of new office and administrative buildings with a high thermal mass. Thanks to the low system temperatures when heating, the Roth Isocore® can be combined with renewable energy sources, such as solar and heat pump systems, to excellent effect. The Roth Isocore® is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and forward-looking system designed for building temperature control with ecological concerns very much in mind. 

At a glance

  • Individual building-specific system solutions adapted to suit on-site construction specifications for solid ceiling and wall modules
  • System components that work in harmony with one another
  • Installation techniques can be varied to suit the specific requirements of each building
  • Variable strategies for integrating the hydraulics into a building's overall engineering system
  • Validated system performance data that conforms to all relevant standards
  • Comprehensive Roth planning and advice service
  • Construction site guidance and building-specific system acceptance
  • Support from experts with many years' experience in project development