Roth Werke GmbH

Roth EnergyLogic Basicline wired controls for individual rooms

Depending on the function and features, the Basicline series includes five types of thermostat. Roth offers the Basicline H room thermostat for controlling the temperature of radiant heating systems and the Basicline H/C 230 V and the Basicline H/C 24 V for fully automatic temperature control in heating and cooling mode. Where public buildings are concerned, the Roth Basicline H, i with internal concealed temperature settings is a suitable option. Depending on the mode selected, the LED display of the room thermostats lights up red when heating and blue on the Basicline H/C when cooling.

In addition, there is also the digital Basicline T clock thermostat with a built-in week timer. The clock thermostat allows the required temperature profile to be individually adjusted throughout the day in line with the occupants' habits. This guarantees the greatest possible comfort with maximum energy savings. Depending on the model, high-quality clamp-type or plug-in terminals are used for electrical connection of the room thermostats.

Roth connection modules, which are installed in the manifold cabinet, also ensure clear wiring with Roth actuating drives.

Roth controls for individual rooms are specially adapted to the needs of the application in question (heating/heating and cooling) and are characterised by their extremely straightforward method of operation. Due to the reduced amount of wiring work required, wireless control is suitable for new buildings and particularly for renovation projects.

Naturally, the Roth control technology components are also covered, like the other system components of the Roth radiant heating and cooling systems, by the extensive guarantee service provisions listed in the Roth warranty certificate.