Roth plastic fittings with PressCheck® - good connections you can depend on

Innovative in form and function
Roth has successfully introduced high-performance plastic fittings made of PPSU (polyphenyl sulfone) plastic which support reliable pipe installation in building infrastructure applications. The plastic fitting has been used millions of times as the Roth success story continues to evolve. Roth is a specialist plastics converter which has used its extensive expertise in high-tech plastics to develop the new plastic fittings. These advanced fittings represent a genuine innovation in form and function. While retaining the same great features of previous generation fittings, the new design is even more compact. The fittings make installation easier, and the integrated Roth PressCheck feature provides an extra margin of safety.

Compact design makes installation even easier
The slim-line, compact design gives the fittings maximum mechanical stability and makes installation easier, especially in tight spaces and when pipes are installed at an angle. The special contour of the sleeve which is inserted onto the pipe prevents the pipe from slipping off. The installer does not have to hold on to the pipe/fitting unit, which makes press fitting a lot easier and faster during instillation of vertical pipes.
The installer can perform a visual check by looking through an opening in the press-fit sleeve to ensure that the pipe is seated properly. A new rotation mechanism allows the installer to check the connection from all sides. In case the stainless steel press-fit sleeve is damaged, the installer on site can easily replace the captive stainless steel press-fit sleeve which is mounted at the factory on the body of the fitting. The special shape of the stainless steel press-fit sleeve facilitates exact positioning of the press tool jaws, ensuring a secure press fit. The new Roth plastic fittings are installed in the usual way with the familiar Roth press tool.

Roth PressCheck offers an added margin of safety
The familiar press pattern on Roth fittings can easily be seen and felt, giving the installer the opportunity to perform a quick visual and tactile check of the press fitting. Roth fittings with the PressCheck feature offer an added margin of safety. In compliance with DVGW sheet W534, the fittings are designed to leak if they have not been pressed on, adding an extra margin of safety on site. Water will escape from an unpressed connection at a defined place during pressure testing, making it easy to detect an unpressed fitting. It is easy to forget to press a fitting when the stress level mounts on the building site, and pressure testing can prevent costly damage later on. Once Roth plastic fittings with PressCheck are pressed on, two sealing elements on the fitting support sleeve ensure a permanent, reliable connection.

At a glance

Compact with added safety

  • Compact design for simple installation, even in cramped installation areas
  • No slipping of the pipe on the fitting sleeve for quick and convenient pressing, even on vertical risers
  • "All-round control" of the exact pipe position thanks to inspection window in the
  • Easy replacement of the stainless steel crimp sleeve in the event of damage
  • High-precision guidance of the pressure clamp
  • Enhanced safety due to Roth PressCheck®:
    defined water leakage in the case of non-pressed fittings,
    pressing pattern that allows easy visual inspection to ensure pipe is fitted correctly
  • Guaranteed permanent water-tight and air-tight connection

PLUS all existing proven features

  • Corrosion resistance
  • No incrustations
  • High pressure and temperature resistance
  • PPSU has also provided the best results with regard to tensile strength, elongation,
  • rigidity, notched bar impact strength and heat deformation resistance
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Suitable for unrestricted use with absolutely all qualities of drinking water
  • Certified according to the WRAS and DVGW specification W534