Roth KWT - the premium tank as standard version

Roth KWT 750, 1000 and 1500 l
The Roth KWT is a complete plastic product with a polyethylene tank and a polyethylene shell. The edge of the shell connects inwardly directly with the tank to form a single functional tank unit. The compact construction gives the Roth KWT great stability without the need for retaining bands and reinforcements. The smooth walls and the upper band-shaped bulge give it an unmistakable, modern design.

Diffusion protection is achieved in all single-walled and double-walled polyethylene tanks by means of material upgrading. With the TÜV-tested “CoEx-PA blend® process” from Roth, polyamide blend is deposited in accordance with the Selar process. This is the “state of the art”. The Roth KWT passed the 30-minute fire test at the Institute for Material Testing, Dortmund.