Roth storage and transport tanks - our experience for your safety

Uni/Multitech tanks are the result of the latest design and production technology. The inner tank is made of tried-and-tested high molecular HDPE, which is blow moulded without seams. The outer tank consists of steel plate galvanised on both sides. The patented beading protects the materials and joins the steel plate outer tank to the HDPE inner tank in a firm and permanent manner. The outer tank acts as a collecting trough with a 100% collection volume in relation to the inner tank. A leak probe integrated as standard monitors the tank interspace. The use of high-quality materials and the leak monitored metal encapsulation of the inner tank make this design extremely suitable as an individual tank for storing liquids hazardous to water in the household and commercial sector. Integrated handles allow the containers to be easily manipulated. The low centre of gravity provides a high degree of stability.