LMW Extras

Wave dekor for Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave
Wave decoration Roth is now also offering the Laguna Maxi Wave glass shower with the exclusive Wave motif. In a special process, the motif is applied to the panel by screen printing and then baked on. The decoration is available for the walk-in versions in the range and also for fixed side walls up to 1400 mm wide.

The Roth Laguna Maxi Wave Walk-In offers wide and easy access to the shower. Made-to-measure installations are possible in all sizes, to suit your requirements. The panel is secured using a wall attachment strip with an adjustment range of 15 mm to compensate for any unevenness in the wall, or using Wave hinges - whichever you prefer. The new Roth Unifix retaining tube construction ensures that the panel is securely fixed. The way the glass panel is connected to the wall can be individually adjusted. The Roth Laguna Maxi Wave Walk-In is made of eight-millimetre-thick single pane safety glass. It is available in clear glass, in all Roth patterned glass designs or with the Wave motif. Roth also offers an ETC coating option (Easy to Clean).

Chrome mirror Mirastar
Now there will be a glossy shine in the bathroom with the glass shower Roth Laguna Maxi Wave. The glasses which are made from a single-pane safety glass are available with the fully covered chrome mirror Mirastar and in addition with the decorative design Wave. Even a small bathroom seems to be larger with the effect of the mirror. In special light circumstances Mirastar is not completely opaque and it is possible to look through the glazing from the inside.