Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave - an enjoyable shower experience tailored to individual needs

A generously proportioned opening and an impressive finish are the distinguishing features of the Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave glass shower. This is a convenient walk-in shower, installed flush with the floor, with wide foldaway doors and ample space inside. The Laguna® Maxi Wave offers extra special, custom-made comfort, combined with a stylish design for people of all ages.

The semi-circular Laguna® Maxi Wave HK4F shower, with its fixed side walls and front opening up to a metre wide, will be a real highlight in your bathroom. Even in a small space, you can create your own personal glass shower, which blends elegantly into the room with its unique curved shape. High-quality genuine glass components and a first-class finish on the handles and fittings round off this premium shower. The semi-circular Laguna® Maxi Wave HK4F shower comes with a standard door height of 2012 mm.

Roth offers the glass shower Laguna® Maxi Wave with exclusive Wave decor.

Roth Laguna® Maxi Wave - predestined for individual solutions 
For a tailor-made glass shower in room- or shower corners with a window, which still should be outside the shower, the Laguna® Maxi Wave is the top-quality solution. Nevertheless the window can be opened because the shower can be easily fold away.

At a glance
  • Can be installed on a tiled floor or a shower tray.
  • The doors can be fully folded away, either inwards or outwards against the wall (pivot/folding door mechanism).
  • Vertical adjustment facility in the wall attachment strip and door hinge (6 mm in each).
  • Standard door height 2000 mm.
  • Door hinges are recessed on the inside for greater convenience when cleaning.
  • Generous access widths: corner solutions up to 1500 × 1500 mm, niche doors up to 2500 mm, made-to-measure walk-in option also available
  • High-quality materials:
    •  pre-assembled profile pieces and glass fittings
    •  single-pane safety glass with optional ETC coating (Easy To Clean)
    •  aluminium profiles
    •  functional parts made of metal