Roth metal fittings with PressCheck® - extra high quality material

The selection of suitable material plays a vital role on distribution systems for high quality drinking water. Corrosion or substances that are released by the materials can significantly degrade water quality. In order to protect consumers, the material must not create a health hazard. High-performance PPSU plastic and the copper alloy which Roth uses on the metal fitting are ideal for drinking water applications. The standardised materials have a proven track record during many years of practical application, and they conform to the current state of technology.        

Suitable for all grades of drinking water
Roth metal fittings are extremely rugged, and they contain some of the most corrosion resistant copper materials. Even when water conditions are extreme, the material can safely be used on domestic water systems. Roth metal fittings are suitable for all grades of drinking water, and they can be combined with all known installation materials.        

Roth metal fittings - optimal performance
DVGW guidelines (sheet W534) stipulate that threaded fittings which are used on drinking water installations must be made of metal. Roth metal fittings are the solution of choice. They are non-corrosive and are not susceptible to deplating. They comply with the most stringent international standards for drinking water installations, and they are ideally suited to meet specific application requirements on drinking water installations and radiator systems. Roth metal components comply with the latest health and ecological requirements. In conformance with DIN 50930-6 which regulates the effects of dissolved metallic materials on drinking water quality, all Roth alloys can be used without restriction on the full range of drinking water installations. The alloys have outstanding properties when they are subjected to tensile and pressure loads. Roth metal fittings also have the innovative PressCheck feature.

Taking care of the environment
A further advantage of metal is that it is obtained from recyclable material, helping to save resources and protect the environment.        

At a glance

    • With Roth PressCheck®
    • Metal threaded connections - in compliance with the European Norms and regulations
    • Ideal in system combinations with Roth plastic fittings PressCheck®
    • Tried and tested over many years
    • In accordance with state-of-the-art technology
    • Corrosion and dezincification resistant
    • Comply with the most rigorous international standards
    • Comply with the latest health and environment requirements
    • Suitable for unrestricted use in all drinking water installations
    • Outstanding properties with regard to tensile and pressure loads
    • Made from recyclable materials, thus saving resources and the environment
    • Certified according to the WRAS and DVGW specification W534