Roth Heliostar S4 flat collectors combine efficiency, lightness and simple fitting


The highly efficient Roth Heliostar 218 S4 and 252 S4 flat collectors are extremely lightweight thanks to their plastic tray construction. They have four plug-in connections, are ready to connect and can be fitted simply and quickly without the use of tools. Following connection, the system can be disconnected again as and when required. 

The fact that the collectors are connected via four connections means the entire solar system provides the ultimate in efficiency. The same defined quantity of solar liquid (whose temperature remains identical in all the collectors) flows through each individual collector. What's more, parallel connection ensures low levels of flow resistance and efficient pump performance.

The Heliostar S4 flat collectors, weighing only 32 or 37 kilograms, feature an innovative polycarbonate tray. It gives the collector stability and a low weight, and helps achieve optimal heat use. Polycarbonate has been tried and tested in the automotive and aviation industries and ensures stability even under long-term loading with extreme shocks, temperatures and UV levels. The material has good heat insulation properties, which means that the thick-walled polycarbonate tray of the Roth Heliostar makes a significant contribution to ensuring that a high proportion of the radiated energy is available as useful heat. When used in combination with the high-performance absorber, the Heliostar ensures maximum effectiveness for decades. The Heliostar's closed polycarbonate tray is deep-drawn seamlessly from one piece and therefore permanently leakproof. It is corrosion resistant, even in areas of high air pollution or aggressive coastal climates. The collector's dark colour goes with any surface and ensures optimum UV-resistance. Polycarbonate also has another advantage: The tray can be produced in a more environmentally friendly way than conventional aluminium collector trays thanks to a lower energy consumption.

Ease of installation and safety thanks to the polycarbonate tray design 
The unique shape of the deep-drawn polycarbonate tray offers critical installation and security advantages to the installer. The attachment rails installed on the roof snap securely into the grooves in the tray for simple installation. The design of the collector is ideal for the plug-in connections, as the collectors simply have to be placed in the C profiles and then pushed inside one another. The safety measures which usually need to be taken have already been integrated into the Roth Heliostar. Installation is easier and safer as the installer no longer has to hold the collector on the roof. Snapping the attachment rails into the collector tray minimises the distance between the collector and the roof. The lower on-roof attachment leads to optimal stability and improved appearance. The closed collector tray reduces the risk of injury as there are no sharp edges.

Quick assembly system
The manufacturer offers a further installation benefit with the innovative Roth quick assembly system, thanks to its clamp attachment element. The collectors can be attached in rows without tools. The fixing element can be pushed into the C profile while still on the ground and then brought into the right position on the roof. The collectors are connected to each other using the Roth quick assembly system and lie close together, resulting in a visual impression of one unit.