New Roth Dry Construction System certified to DIN CERTCO for sports floors – Now also available in the dimension 16 millimetres


Roth Werke has been awarded DIN CERTCO certification for sandwich-construction sports floors for its Roth ClimaComfort Dry Construction System. These certificates are available for the systems with aluminium heat-conducting lamellas and Roth System Heating Pipes in the dimensions 14 and 16 millimetres. 

The hot water floor heating Roth ClimaComfort Dry Construction System is perfect for flexible-surface sports floors conforming to DIN 18032. We recommend that the entire Dry Construction System is covered with a zinc-plated covering sheet. The elastic layer from the sports floor manufacturer is then laid on top of this. This is followed by a layer of plywood panels and finally the sports and multi-purpose linoleum covering. Even mixed elastic sports floors of construction type A and B according to DIN V 18032-2 can be implemented practically and in line with standards using the various Roth system solutions for radiant heating and cooling systems.

The Roth ClimaComfort Dry Construction System is also perfect for the renovation of residential buildings. Large areas can be quickly covered when combined with the 16-millimetre Roth System Heating Pipe Alu-Laserflex. The system developed by Roth Werke from Buchenau features an impressive ultra-low installation height of just 43 millimetres including covering. The structure of the system panel permits flexibility in the choice of placement direction – it can even be laid diagonally.

Installation is quick and simple, since only one type of system panel is used. The Roth ClimaComfort TBS System Panels can be combined in all directions on the 30 cm grid and can be cut to size depending upon the geometry of the room. Thanks to a special groove/notch system, precise positioning and alignment of the system panels is guaranteed. This prevents the panels from slipping on the subsurface. The panel structure permits the heat-conducting lamellas to be affixed simply and securely in various panel directions and positions. The Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipes can thus be laid horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
To improve heat output the leading manufacturer of radiant heating and cooling systems has developed the heat-conducting lamellas from high-performance aluminium. The material guarantees good heat transfer. The heat-conducting lamellas have predetermined breaking points so that they can be separated into the desired lengths. The heat conducting lamella for size
16 mm now provides for greater heating circuit lengths with improved hydraulics. The smallest possible installation spacing for the diffusion-proof and dimensionally stable Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipe is 15 centimetres.