Roth Werke energy efficiency project awarded dena Best Practice Label


The German Energy Agency (dena) has awarded the "Best Practice in Energy Efficiency" label to Roth Werke for its project entitled "Energy-efficient heating and cooling using waste heat". With this project, the manufacturer of energy and sanitary systems demonstrates possible ways of optimising energy use and reducing CO2emissions using the example of a modernised production hall.

The production hall at Roth's headquarters in Dautphetal-Buchenau covers 3,300 square metres and is used to produce PE containers holding up to 3,000 litres. Since April 2011, it has been heated efficiently thanks to the use of waste heat and new energy-efficient systems. By adapting in line with the actual heating requirement using hydraulic adjustment, exchanging the old fan heaters and boiler system with a total heat output of 1,250kW for three Roth brine/water heat pumps, each with a heat output of 220 kW and a cooling capacity of 180 kW, Roth succeeded in significantly optimising energy use.

Project manager Volker Hedderich explained: "We extract energy from waste heat and use heat pumps to ramp it up to around 50°C, before then using it to heat the production hall. Extracting energy from waste water cools it down from about 12°C to 6°C, making it available once more to be used as cold water for the production process. Using waste heat and integrating heat pumps uses around 80% less heating oil and 40% less electricity when operating the hall. This reduces CO2 emissions by over 590 tonnes each year."

Volker Hedderich also revealed that the investment of some EUR 250,000 had paid off within about two years. As project manager, he was responsible for the planning and technical implementation of the strategy.

Environmental protection is an important part of the Roth corporate philosophy. Christin Roth-Jäger, a member of the Executive Board at Roth Industries, explained: "Politics, business and society all share responsibility for protecting the environment. As a company, we therefore see it as our duty as well. With the efficient use of energy and resources in our production and operations, we are making a significant contribution towards climate protection and therefore also towards increasing our competitiveness. The ecological approach taken in all areas of our company forms an integral part of our corporate values. Energy efficiency is therefore also a focus of our product range."

dena-Auszeichnung Best Practice Energieeffizienz
dena´s Initiative EnergieEffizienz ("Energy Efficiency Campaign") awards the "Best Practice in Energy Efficiency" label to particularly outstanding energy efficiency projects and activities in business and industry. This award helps to raise public awareness of projects and activities and enhance the company's image in the eyes of its partners, clients and contractors, encouraging other companies to take steps to improve their own energy efficiency.

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