Roth pipe installation from the house service connection to the point of use – A system for heating and sanitary applications


Roth offers its pipe installation system for radiator connection and drinking water installation with system solutions of up to 63 millimetres. The delivery programme includes the multi-layer composite pipe Roth Alu-Laserplus and the Roth plastic fittings made of high-performance PPSU (polyphenylsulphone) supplemented by Roth metal fittings. All fittings have the integral Roth PressCheck for secure installation. 

The Roth drinking water installation system can be used without reservation for all grades of drinking water. Everything you need for your installation project, starting from the house service connection and continuing to the ascending pipes to the point of use, is available. The fittings are attached to the pipe using Roth radial press fitting technology. The perfectly matched components can be combined quickly and cost-effectively in a variety of ways to create connections above the floor, out of the wall or out of the skirting boards using one- or two-pipe systems. Roth offers a wide range of fitting variants. No matter what installation situation you are faced with, T-connectors in various graded sizes are available for fast and cost-effective installation without having to resort to additional reducing elements. The slim-line, compact design of the fittings gives them maximum mechanical stability and makes installation easier, especially in tight spaces and when pipes are installed at an angle.

The Roth PressCheck
The familiar press pattern on Roth fittings can easily be seen and felt, giving the installer the opportunity to perform a quick visual and tactile check of the press fitting with Roth PressCheck. In compliance with DVGW Worksheet W534, the fittings with Roth PressCheck are designed to leak if they have not been pressed on: water will escape from an unpressed connection at a defined place during testing, so an unpressed fitting in the complete system can be detected immediately.

Roth Alu-Laserplus multi-layer composite pipes
The laser-welded aluminium pipe jacket of the five-layer Roth Alu-Laserplus multilayer composite pipe is made up of an alloy with significantly increased strength, which offers added safety and increased ease of installation. It forms a homogeneous aluminium layer. A thick-walled polyethylene core pipe lies at the heart of the Alu-Laserplus system pipe. This greatly increases the stability of the overall pipe construction. The two adhesive polymer layers ensure a secure bond between the thick-walled core pipe, the homogenous aluminium layer and the outside polyethylene protective layer.

Roth plastic
PPSU, the high-performance plastic used in space applications and medical technology, gives excellent results in terms of its tensile strength, elongation, rigidity, notched bar impact strength and heat deformation resistance. It can be used long term in applications involving hot water. It exhibits excellent chemical resistance in the heating installation where inhibitors and anti-freeze are found, and when used with chlorinated drinking water. The Roth plastic fitting is hygienically safe and corrosion- and incrustation-free, since no mineral deposits from water impurities can form on the smooth surface of the PPSU. It has a high level of pressure and temperature resistance and guarantees a lasting tight seal with the Roth Alu-Laserplus System Pipes.
The Roth range includes metal fittings for use at threaded connection and junction points. They comply with the most stringent international standards and are ideally suited to meeting specific application requirements for drinking water and radiator systems.