Ground breaking ceremony at Roth North Europe A / S: Growth means growing pains


Yet another major expansion of business is now becoming a reality in Frederikssund, Denmark. Roth North Europe extends existing facilities with an additional 4,300 sqm for logistics, production and administration. 

On a sunny May 7th, key persons from Frederikssund Municipality, Frederikssund Trade Council and happy employees witnessed the mayor of Frederikssund Municipality, John Schmidt Andersen and the Managing Director, Morten Nyvang Voss from Roth North Europe A / S, turned the first sod to another significant milestone for both Roth North Europe and Frederikssund Municipality.

The Frederikssund-based company is part of the international group Roth Industries in Germany, which develops, manufactures and markets innovative and energy-efficient quality products within floor heating and piping systems for heating and domestic water. From Frederikssund, the company's products are sold and marketed in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and since 2017 also in the UK. Today, Roth North Europe A / S employs 100 employees in Northern Europe.

"Since 2001, despite the financial crisis, we have experienced a significant increase in the annual growth in Roth North Europe, with the result that we have gradually outgrown our existing facilities," explains Morten Nyvang Voss, elaborating on the success: "We have worked very determined with our strategy, focusing on becoming the best in the market for floor heating and piping systems for DHW and heating. In short, it means that when people think of floor heating and immersion systems, they will automatically think Roth. Much of the success is due to the fact that we have built a strong team of skilled and competent employees feeling responsible for their own job areas, but also supporting their colleagues across both professional and national borders. We have for a long time transformed warehouse and production facilities, meeting rooms and archives into offices. But eventually the space has become too tight," says Morten Nyvang Voss.

Turning one sod was not enough
In his speech, Morten Nyvang Voss emphasized the importance of having a good cooperation with Frederikssund Municipality. "We have experienced a very positive dialogue with the municipality, and the strong cooperation has allowed the acquisition of the neighbouring land as well as the expansion of both warehouses, production facilities and administrative buildings," he says.

Mayor John Schmidt Andersen also emphasized the good cooperation and thanked Roth for being invited to celebrate the new journey towards further growth for Roth North Europe. "A significant expansion like this creates growth, development and more jobs in Frederikssund Municipality," commented John Schmidt Andersen. "We prioritize better framework conditions and general terms for the municipality's businesses allowing the companies' growth ambitions to be reached," concludes the mayor before he and Morten Nyvang Voss seize the spade and join forces when turning the first sod.

But one spade is not enough for such an expansion. Mayor John Schmidt Andersen sits behind the control stick in an excavator and takes a few heavy bites of the lawn, which is to be converted to a construction site until December.

The importance of good physical framework and infrastructure
"It is of utmost importance for Frederikssund Municipality to exert the necessary influence to optimize the infrastructure. A highway to Frederikssund, the Fjord Connection and the Vinge Station are examples of measures that will ensure competent employees in Frederikssund Municipality in the future, "says John Schmidt Andersen.

For Roth North Europe, both the UK expansion, the overall growth and more employees have put a lot of pressure on the existing physical framework. "We need larger production and warehouse facilities so we can get the goods swiftly and efficiently to customers across the Nordic region and the UK," says Morten Nyvang Voss. "In addition, it is important for us that our employees consider Roth North Europe a good workplace. Therefore, both the physical framework and the soft staff values must be top allowing us to continue maintaining the current fine corporate culture and ensure that our employees stay. Today we have an average seniority of 8 years indicating that our employees like their jobs and Roth North Europe as a workplace. We are very proud of that, "concludes Morten Nyvang Voss.

The building is expected to be completed in December 2018.

For further information contact: Market Manager Graham Moore at e-mail: or telephone 44 (0) 1905 453424.