Connection with Confidence


MLCP- did you know in the last three years sales of Aluminium multi layer pipe in Europe has out sold traditional copper pipe, a trend which looks set to continue? 

To answer what will hopefully be your next question, why? Firstly, imagine a world where you could potentially install 500 meters of 16mm pipe for heating or drinking water applications (subject to recommended pipe supports intervals), without the need for a single additional connection fitting from source to termination.

Now add a product that has the flexibility, form stability and a bend ratio 5x diameter through a range 16 to 63mm. Hopefully your picture should be looking something like this and one that reflects a more familiar installation. The question you should now be asking is how many joints would I have to make in either a copper or plastic system to replicate this design? Hold that thought!

Now let’s translate that into labour time and costs. You do the maths, but independent studies have shown that the use of Multi layer systems verse traditional copper can reduce installation labour by 52% and result in an overall installation cost saving of some 13%. When you add indirect benefits such a reduction in “risk” gained from the removal of hot works permits and the reduced leak potential from secure press fit joints, it is no wonder consultants and installers are turning their attention to this system.

Despite this, many of you will be saying both copper and plastic offer comparable timing savings with press and push fit systems. I would of course have to agree but not before I ask you to consider the other keys benefits Aluminium multi-layer bring to system installations.

  • Linear expansion of MLCP pipe closer to copper but 70% less than that of PVC pipework.
  • System protection of MLCP using high grade bonded polymers with aluminium producing an oxygen barrier for a corrosion and lime scale resistant system environment.
  • System design of MLCP utilising continuous formed pipework, increased water flow velocity, lower friction loss with smooth pipes and lower thermal conductivity.
  • System security of MLCP press joints designed with inspection holes to ensure pipe work is fully inserted in the joint. Once pressed, a robust secure permanent connection is formed, making it an ideal option for the growing offsite modular construction sector.
  • Installation benefits of MLCP, less waste, reduce scrap/ left value, robust for site conditions, pre-coated white finish and pre insulated, coils up 32mm plus lightweight 3 & 5m straight lengths 16-63mm.

Hopefully this has “wetted” your appetite to either find out more or try this system on your next project. So why choose Roth? Because we aspire to be THE BEST within Multi-layer plumbing and underfloor systems.



In today’s growing market there are many suppliers including an increasing online trade, offering plumbing components that come from a variety of suppliers with variable quality standards. Roth is a total systems manufacturer from the Alu-laser pipe 16-63mm to our comprehensive range of high performance PPSU and copper Roth PressCheck fittings.

Our European reputation and success is based on being a supplier of high quality, innovative industry approved products and services supported by years of technical know-how. Since opening its new UK head office in Worcester, Roth UK has gone from strength to strength investing in its technical and commercial teams supported by increased next day plumbing and underfloor stock holding at the integrated office and warehouse / logistics facility.