Now Roth UK gets access to even bigger stock


In shining sun May last year, Roth North Europe took the 1st sod for the expansion of the existing buildings in Frederikssund, Denmark. At the turn of the year, the storage facilities have expanded by an additional 4,200 m2 - and this also means greater delivery security in the UK. 

A noticeable increasing annual growth not only in Roth UK, but also in the other northern European markets, has put pressure on the existing storage facilities at Roth in Frederikssund, Denmark. "Stock management and order fulfillment has always been a strong competitive parameter with us", says General Manager Graham Moore, Roth UK. "The current warehouse facilities were built in 2008, and the growing demand to be able to deliver ever-increasing volumes has created a need for more up-to-date storage and better loading conditions, This will ensure that Roth maintains fast and efficient deliveries to our customers in all Northern European markets including the UK - also in the future ”.

Roth North Europe A / S, which employs approx. 100 employees, is part of the international group Roth Industries in Germany, which develops, produces and markets innovative and energy-efficient quality products within floor heating and piping systems for heating and domestic water. From Frederikssund in Denmark, the company's products are distributed in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Baltics and since 2017 also in the UK.

Today we have an additional 4,200 m2. For our customers, this means that we maintain the high delivery reliability despite increased growth, because we can now store more product items and in larger quantities than we have done previously. Among other things, a large remote stock with pipes from our factories in Germany is permanently moved to Frederikssund in Denmark,”says Graham Moore. “This will also be of great importance to our UK customers, because we now receive twice weekly stock refurbishment to our local warehouse in Worcester. In addition, we have the flexibility for orders to be delivered from Denmark directly to the project site, which provides both commercial and environmental benefits”.


In addition to the expansion of storage capacity access conditions have been significantly improved for both suppliers and customers. The number of loading bays has doubled, which significantly reduces waiting time. A welcome center with access to both coffee and toilet has been established, because it is important that both suppliers and customers feel welcome and well received by Roth.

The building project has also included the expansion to the administration area and in the coming months there are plans for new meeting, showroom and school facilities plus a major upgrade in the pre-fabrication area with the introduction of a leaner production line.

“There is no doubt that both our customers, suppliers and employees will experience a great effect both in terms of greater storage capacity and efficiency. RNE has positioned its business to meet the ever-increasing just in time demands of a growing market. ”concludes Graham Moore.

For further information contact: Market Manager Graham Colin Moore at e-mail: or telephone +44 (0) 1905 453424.