Roth Original Tacker® Speedstar - spring-supported, ergonomic and easy to maintain

Roth Original Tacker® Speedstar – now even faster

As the inventor of the Original Tacker® System that has proven its worth a million times over, Roth has now fine-tuned theTacker even further. Boasting a slimline housing and weighing just two kilogrammes, it stands out with its increased capacity of 135 Roth Original Tacker® Ex clips. This significantly reduces the number of times the magazine has to be reloaded during pipe installation. In addition, the Tacker weight offers a stowing position on the magazine. This prevents loss of weight under the harsh building site conditions. The magazine is filled quickly and simply by pushing the welded clip magazine in from above.

While laying the pipes, the spring-assisted mechanism means the Tacker does not need to be lifted up. The preformed slant in the housing then allows the Tacker to glide easily over the clips. The extremely short travelling distance allows the user to place pipes with very little time or effort required. The Roth Original Tacker® Speedstar is height adjustable and can be adjusted for any user, be they short or tall. The new Tacker handle also ensures optimal force transmission and secure handling. This makes the Roth Original Tacker® Speedstar optimally ergonomic overall.
At a glance
  • easy maintenance due to detachable clamps and fitting screw
  • optimisation of functions and operational safety in construction site operation
  • improvement of user comfort
  • increase of the laying speed