Roth Original-Tacker® clips - for the "plus" of efficiency, comfort and security

Roth Original Tacker® Ex-Clips for all round energy transfer
As the inventor of the tacker system, Roth has further improved the original tacker®-clips. The new Roth Original-Tacker® Ex-clips has a pipe rasing function. This provides a better transmission and distribution of heating and cooling because the screed fully encased the pipe even if the screed is slow moving. In connection with the new double barb barb, this delivers multiple energy benefits in terms of efficiency, comfort and safety.

Double barb with new design for easy installation, maximum protection against pipes being ripped out and retention force
The lower barb of the Roth Original-Tacker® Ex-Clips is extremely stable and also has a sharp cutting edge, whilst the upper double barb is exceptionally elastic. This special technology enables it to easily and safely penetrate through the insulating film and into the insulation, optimising the ease and speed of assembly. Thanks to its stability, the lower barb provides excellent support for the upper barb.

40 clips per magazine for efficient working
The Roth Original Tacker® Ex-clips can be used for all Roth system pipes with dimensions of 14, 16, 17 and 20 mm. With 40 clips being grouped together to form a magazine, users benefit as they do not need to keep refilling the Tacker. Two strips, each containing 40 clips, can be inserted into the Tacker and that's all the effort required. A weight ensures that, once a clip has been used, each subsequent clip slides into position easily. Roth Original Tackers are height adjustable, so they can be used by any operator, however short or tall. The new Roth Original Tacker® Ex clip can be used with the existing Roth Original Tacker® 16 to 20.